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Optical Fiber Array with Customized Capillary

Multi-Channel Fiber Array (Cylindrical and Rectangular Type)

Multi-Channel Fiber Array provides high performance 2-8 and more Channel Array with various types of fibers depending on our customer’s specific choice. In comparison with traditional V-groove technology unique Kohoku approach allows to assemble fibers in smaller packages with fewer components, less adhesive. Decreasing stress on fibers helps to improve reliability.

Key features
Flat or angle polish of fiber array end is available.
Tapered or conical finish on fiber insertion area is available in various angles.
Assemblies with various types of fiber are available.
Assemblies with various types of optical connectors are available.
Fiber metallization for hermetic sealing.
Hermetic sealing (Glass and Metal).
AR coating in the range from 980nm to 1550nm.

Telecommunications, Biomedical devices, Lasers, Sensors, Aero-space devices, etc.


Number of channels
any number of channels upon request (typicaly 2, 3, 4 - 96)
SMF, SMF Ribbon Fiber, PMF, MMF, TEC Fiber, EDF etc.
End Polishing Angle
0°, 5°, 6°, 8°, 10° etc.
Insertion Loss less than 0.20dB
Return Loss
more than 50dB
Core pitch accuracy specs upon request (typicaly ±2μm - 4μm)
Connectors SC, FC, ST, MU and others